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Website Designing Training


Website Designing Training

The website designing training at Auricsoft, instigates the Fresher students to join the Software and IT industry. Our Experienced professional faculty guides you effectively and always focus on new trends & techniques used in the Web Designing and Web Development Industry.
This course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to build creative, interactive, and well-designed Web sites. We will attempt to balance technical skills with artistic skills to create web pages that are conceptually interesting, easily navigable, visually pleasing, and functional.

Main Skills focused will be Layout Designing & Front End Development.

 Eligibility & Course Duration

  • Basic knowledge of HTML.Creative Mind, Aesthetic sense, working knowledge of Photoshop, exposure to web & internet.
  • 2 months (Theory + Practical + Live Project).Timing flexible!
  • We Povide training in Uttarakhand - Roorkee, Dehradun, Haridwar,

 Course Outline

  • Planning a website, Information architecture
  • Website layout creation using Photoshop
  • Logo design for websites
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS
  • XHTML tags
  • HTML5 tags
  • CSS properties
  • CSS3 properties
  • Webpage coding using XHTML & CSS
  • Webpage coding using DIV & CSS2
  • Webpage coding using HTML5 Tags & CSS3
  • XHTML rules, W3C validation & browser compatibility
  • Introduction & working with Javascript
  • Web 2.0 design guideline
  • Website intro & header design using Flash/JQuery
  • Working on Live international project in EDUNET Learning
  • Live Project Execution

Web Design Training